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Glamour Nails & Spa missions is to offer the best service in the area.

How? By sanitizing and sterilizing all metal implements with Autoclave, the most advanced sterilization in market today, they meet and exceed current State Board guidelines! this process always done after each client’s.

We clean all pedicure tub surfaces and jet system with 99.99% disinfectant after each and every client’s....

Our client’s will receive his or her own personal buffer and file for manicure’s and pedicure’s these are one-time use and are either disposed or offered to client’s to take home.

Our air purification system moves natural levels of ozone throughout the salon environment ensuring a steady flow of fresh, clean air. No Odor.

Why? To value your business and to secure our team member a long term health.

We offer wide selection of services, including all types of nail enhancements, manicure, pedicure, Gel manicure (gel color, soak off gel, manicure gel).

Our highest products will no doubt enjoyable visit and memorable experience.

Gel Manicure
Manicure & Pedicure
Spa Pedicure
Organic Pedicure
Artificial Nails
Natural Nail Care
UV Gel

 Service Policy


We would gladly repaint your nails with the same color if your regular polish is chipped within 4 days of service but if you would like to change the color then we would have to charge you for a polish change.

If your gel polis is chipped within 7 days of service we can repaint them at no charge with the same color but if you would like a different color we would have to charge you for a gel polish change.

If your polish is chipped within 8-10 days of service we will be happy to fix whichever finger is chipped with the same color.


If you are not happy with your service we will try our best to fix whatever problem that you are unhappy with but regrettably we cannot give you a refund and all sales are final.

Our Work Team

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003 Any Technician

004 Any Technician

005 Any Technician

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008 Any Technician

01 Heidi Nguyen

02 Van Danh

03 Hannah Pham

04 Mia Duong

05 Thuy Lee

06 Lily Vuong

07 Tina Pham

08 KathyL Nguyen

09 Cindy Nguyen

10 Jenny Nguyen

11 Le Truong

12 Rosie Tran

14 Tammy Tran

15 Hailey Tran

16 Nina Bui

17 Julie Ha